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Choi Siwon

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Full Name: 최시원 Choi Siwon
Stage Name: 시원 Siwon (official) | Shiwon (unofficial)
Chinese Name: 始源 Shi Yuan
Nickname: Simba [by Kim Heechul]
Groups: Super Junior [☆ thread] & Super Junior-M [☆ thread]
Birth Date: February 10, 1987
Real Birth Date: April 7, 1986
Height: 183 cm | 6`0"
Weight: 65 kg | 143 lbs
Blood Type: B
Horoscope: Aquarius
Casting: Starlight Casting System 2003
First Appearance: October 2003; DANA`s MV "What Is Love."
Languages: Korean, Mandarin, & English
Genres: K-pop & C-pop
Instruments: Vocals, drums, & piano
Profession: Actor, singer, dancer, & model
Education: Hyun Dae High School; Inha University (Physical Education Arts Department)
Hobbies & Specialties: Singing, dancing, watching movies, playing drums, sleeping, & Taekwondo
Habits: Makes big hand gestures when speaking
Religion: Christianity (Protestant)
Talent agency: SM Entertainment



☆ [2004] KBS Precious Family
☆ [2005] KBS Mini-Series - 1829
☆ [2006] KBS Spring Waltz
☆ [2007] MBC Legend of Hyang Dan


☆ [2007] Attack on the Pin-Up Boys
☆ [2006] Battle of Wits
☆ [2005] Charmel Boy


☆ [2006] Timeless (Zhang Li Yin) ft. Xiah - acted as a criminal who gets a heart transplant; worked with fellow Super Junior member Han Geng and SM Entertainment actress Lee Yeon Hee
☆ [2008] I Will (Zhang Li Yin) with fellow Super Junior member Han Geng and SM Entertainment actress Lee Yeon Hee


☆ [2004] Elite (엘리트) School Uniforms
☆ [2004] Seoul Milk (서울우유) - “비요뜨”
☆ [2007] 12 plus-Roll-on (Thailand)


Choi Siwon was discovered by the Starlight Casting System in 2003 and debuted as a member of Super Junior in 2005. However, he was first officially seen in a music video for fellow label-mate Dana when she was still a solo singer. He quickly emerged as one of the highly visible members seen on many variety shows although he has not been of the main vocalists.

Although his current focus is the group, Choi has also continued his acting career. Shortly after Super Junior`s debut, he joined the cast for the Korean drama mini-series Spring Waltz. He has also been part of the epic film Battle of Wits with Hong Kong actor Andy Lau. Battle of Wits is a big budget film with joint collaboration from South Korea, China, and Japan and was released in China and Hong Kong on November 23, 2006; it is due for release in Korea sometime in 2007. Choi has promoted the movie in China with a short tour of four cities at the end of November.

Choi is also a drummer, having performed with the band The TRAX in September 2006 on SBS`s music show 인기가요 (Popular Songs), due to the fact that their drummer, Rose, had left the band. Both The TRAX and Super Junior are part of SM Entertainment.

Choi Si Won has recently won the "Best Super Model Of the Year." Due to this winning, his popularity has risen up nearly three times. He has also won the "Sexiest guy in Korea" award.

Choi continued his education after his debut with Super Junior. Choi graduated in Hyun Dae High School in February 2006 and later went on to attend Inha University. A year before his debut with Super Junior he traveled to Beijing, China with Girls` Generation`s Hyo Yeon to learn about the country`s language and history and stayed there for three months. Members jokes that he has the same smile as the Joker from Batman. His members also call him Horse because of his looks and his height.


S First Train - Trax and Choi Siwon____________________ J MCountdown 080214 SNSD - I'm Your Girl ft. Choi Siwon Live

U Choi Siwon 崔始源 Speaking Chinese_______________. U Bungee Jumping

P Dana ft. Choi Siwon - What is Love MV

E Siwon`s Graduation

R Evisu Photoshoot

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